Project outcomes

Workshops on Teaching Methods and Curriculum Development

Objectives 1

Workshops on Teaching Methods and Curriculum Development for six new Global Health thematic courses:

Development of each course is led by a designated mentor from Heidelberg University, material is jointly developed by a group of 14-16 faculty members from 7 beneficiary HEIS (each HEI designates at least 2 people for each course) through weekly Zoom meetings.
Development of 6 new GH course on priority topics:

Course 1. Globalization and Health with Focus on the EECA Region
Course 2. Social and economic determinants of health
Course 3. Measuring Population Health Status in the EECA Region
Course 4. Non-Communicable Diseases in the EECA Region
Course 5. Infectious Diseases Outbreaks and Anti-Microbial Resistance in EECA Countries
Course 6. Effects of Environmental Pollution and Climate Change on Population Health in EECA Countries

Held online on March 31 – April 28, 2021

Hosted by Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), Heidelberg University

The workshop focused on such steps:
1) what is curriculum development, and where are differences for GH curricula;
2) implications for objective setting;
3) implications for learning material and curriculum design;
4) implications for human resources;
5) finance models.

Participants contributed actively to the workshop, with lots of time allocated for discussion and exchange of experiences. Although the workshop was delivered online via ZOOM, groupwork was done, and participants discussed existing examples of courses.