Project news

Work on the implementation of Objective 1 of the Project: Develop 6 new global health courses on priority topics. Leader: University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Weekly meetings are held online.

The development of each course is led by an assigned mentor from the University of Heidelberg, and the material is jointly developed by a group of 14-16 faculty members from 7 HEIS beneficiaries (each HEI appoints at least 2 people for each course) in weekly Zoom meetings.

Development of 6 new GH courses on priority topics:

Course 1 "Globalization and Health"

Course 2 "Socioeconomic determinants of health"

Course 3 "Measuring population health".

Course 4 Non-communicable diseases.

Course 5 "Infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance".

Course 6 "Environment, climate change and health."